Measure overlayer film thickness and composition with Auger electron spectroscopy

Rinfinity = (Ioverlayer)inf / (Isubstrate)inf =

Angle detector - surface normal = ° (degrees)

Overlayer inelastic mean free path (LOver) = Å
Substrate inelastic mean free path (LSub) = Å

Overlayer sensitivity factor (SxOv) =
Substrate sensitivity factor (SxSub) =

Overlayer interlayer spacing =

Overlayer Intensity (OverI) =
Substrate Intensity (SubI) =

Ioverlayer / Isubstrate Intensity ratio:

Default values for overlayer: Au (69 eV)
Default values for substrate: Si (92 eV)

Rinf: Ratio of intensities for overlayer and substrate each measured for bulk materials (not a film over a substrate).

Computation of compositions:
compOv = (OverI/SxOv)/((OverI/SxOv)+(SubI/SxSub));
compSub = (SubI/SxSub)/((OverI/SxOv)+(SubI/SxSub));

Computation of overlayer thickness:
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To compute the inelastic mean free path: