Plugins for ImageJ to process Scanning Electron Microscopy images. Microscopes supported:  FEI Helios, FEI/Philips XL30, Zeiss LEO 1550, Agilent 8500 FE-SEM (formerly known as NovelX MySEM). The collection of plugins are distributed with the name "MySEM plugins"

MySEM plugins


Download (v. 4.2) (Linux, MS Windows, MacOSX, Solaris) - Requires ImageJ and Java runtime.)

Installer:  MySEM_Updater.jar

Create a new folder "MySEM" inside the ImageJ/Plugins folder, and copy the installer file. Restart ImageJ, and run the installer (Plugins-> MySEM->MySEM Updater) 

Complete source: GitHub page or  direct download

Installation and update from version older than 0.7:

When upgrading from versions before 0.7.6, delete the  MySEM folder inside your ImageJ plugins folder and proceed with the installation as indicated above.



Starting from version 0.9.1, you can uninstall the plugins by running the MySEM updater plugin (menu: plugins->MySEM->MySEM Updater). For earlier version you need to manually remove the folder MySEM inside ~/ImageJ/plugins.


Request support for additional Scanning Electron Microscopes (a few images taken with the requested instrument at different magnification are needed).