MCPI 0.9 (for PalmOS 3.x - 4.x - 5.x - 6.x)

This program estimates the value of PI by using a well known MonteCarlo Method. To run the simulation, type the number of cycles you want your Palm to use to estimate PI. The "Aristotle algorithm" is also included for comparison.

The final value may be quite different from the actual value of PI (3.14159). This is due to the fact that the random number generator is not completely random. We are not responsible for this, so consider this program only for educational - demo purpose, or as a benchmark.

Starting from version 0.9 a calculation time tracking is included; MCPI it can be reliably used as benchmark (some reference values will be available in the final 1.0 release).

This program is FREE.


Mathlib library needs to be installed. A copy of it is provided with the package.


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  Circle Gauss
Zire72 4.14 4.70
Treo 650 8.54 9.70
Tungsten C 3.96 4.62
Tungsten T3 4.47 5.14
Tungsten T5 4.79 5.42
LifeDrive 4.78 5.37
m500 50.20 54.70

Results in seconds. The calculation is performed using the Circle and Gauss method, for 1000 cycles.

The actual calculation is performed on the Palm Simulator/Emulator. Results obtained with real devices may vary.



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