MySEM image processing tools
Plugins for ImageJ to process Scanning Electron Microscopy images collected with the NovelX MySEM

Scientific online calculators for Surface Science and Materials Science

  • Graphene thickness, domain size, strain calculators; thin film thickness characterization; Raman spectroscopy thermometer; electron mean free path for electron spectroscopy; lattice constant determination from TEM diffraction patterns.


Free software for data analysis

  1. CurveView    Plot, analyze, handle 2D curves
  2. XPS Convert Omicron EIS files (VAMAS) and Omicron Presenter (SPECTRA) files into ASCII files. XPS performs xps full background subtraction and multi-peak fitting. This program requires GnuPlot. Released under GPL.
  3. PhiConv Convert ASCII files from "PHI - Perkin Elmer Surface Analysis Software" for Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) into conventional ASCII files. Released under GPL.
  4. RamanTemp  This program is a "Raman Thermometer". It calculates the temperature of the material from the ratio of intensities of the Stokes and Antistokes peaks, in the Raman spectroscopy spectrum. Released under GPL. 
  5. SiCcov  Determination of the number of graphene layers using AES or XPS. Released under GPL.
  6. PhysConst  Program with a list of Physical Constants, with related values.
  7. Langmuir  Calculator for gas dosage.

Quick online calculators (non scientific)
  1. PriceMaker calculator for tax and profits in wholesail and retail (for small businesses).
  2. Calculator for deployment of photo-voltaic solar panels
  3. Personal diet calculator

Extensions for Firefox/Thunderbird

Software for PalmOS (3.x to 5.x)
  1. MCPI Pi calculator
  2. PriceMaker calculator for tax and profits in wholesail and retail (for small businesses).
  3. TipTap Tip calculator
  4. PalmLoan Loan calculator
  5. PalmIVA calculator for Italian sales tax (IVA)
  6. PalmTVA calculator for French sales tax (TVA)